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  • Channel Serving: Skeleton Warriors

    February 27th,2013By

    Ah, Saturday Morning Cartoons. A ritual for countless kids, teenagers, and, dare I say, some adults that refuse to grow up. You would think roughing it out on Friday after five long days of school or work would warrant the necessity to sleep late. Not if you loved cartoons. I loved cartoons but didn’t want [...]

  • Turtle Pie in the Face

    February 27th,2013By

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—or TMNT for the acronym obsessed—is one of the most popular franchises. If there was a Pop Culture Hall of Fame, TMNT would definitely belong. At the height of their popularity they were everywhere, the brand stamped on anything imaginable: pillow cases, pajamas, toothbrushes, posters, wallets, watches, coloring books, shampoo bottles, sneakers, [...]

  • Cartridge Archive: The Humans

    August 3rd,2012By

    The Humans was a little known game developed in 1992 by GameTek. It found its home on PCs as well as many consoles. The version I played was on Sega Genesis. The best way to describe the game is as a puzzler reminiscent of Lemmings. You control a certain number of humans; the number varies [...]

  • New-Beats Retro Review: Chrono Cross

    July 22nd,2012By

    When SquareSoft (now Square Enix) released Chrono Cross for the PS1 in the summer of 2000, many rejoiced. The game’s impact on me (and those of similar taste) cannot be adequately measured. There are few games greater than Chrono Cross. In fact it is one of only a handful to receive a rare perfect 10 [...]

  • Code of Honor

    July 15th,2012By

    There comes a point in every person’s life when they ask the big questions: Why am I here? Should I get married? Is death the end? Should I cheat to get ahead? This last question is particularly important when it comes to playing video games. Depending on how you were raised, you held a certain [...]

  • Graphic Novelty: Uncle Sam

    July 4th,2012By

    Comic books are a joke. At least that’s what some will say. This must be true, right? They are called comics after all. The concept of comics being light, whimsical, kid-centered entertainment continues to this day. It’s a shame this stereotype has not been as strongly condemned in the media as others. But true fans [...]

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